Cofano IRIS


#1. General

Iris works on the basis of Issues and you can provide different values ​​for each issue. For example, you can indicate for which location the Issue is important, but you can also specify a priority (priority) and deadline. Different users can create an Issue; however, this depends on the settings in Iris. Examples of users are: customers, employees, etc.

You can create different types of Issues in Iris. For example, you can group issues related to improvement. For each type you can create a routing, the Issue must go through. This means that every Issue of the same type will be handled with the same steps.

An Issue is handled by creating one or more tasks. These tasks can again be assigned to the so-called action takers. Thanks to this system you can tackle problems easily, clearly and purposefully.

This manual is set up in the same way that IRIS is set up and the chapters are therefore taken directly from the headings in the application. We recommend using the search function (Ctrl + F) to quickly find the explanation you are looking for.